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Player Club Total
Musa Mohammed Idlewild $160.00
Michael Cripe Prestwick $115.00
Brandon Boren Lincolnshire $100.00
Marty Seitzinger Briar Ridge $100.00
Ryan OMalley Ridge $100.00
Kevin Qunell Idlewild $100.00
Brett Gordon Kankakee $100.00
Bryan Sibert White Eagle $100.00
Nick Aleman Idlewild $90.00
Michael Curtin Jr Idlewild $90.00
Sam Provenzano Lincolnshire $70.00
Kevin Cuda Idlewild $70.00
Michael McEttrick White Eagle $45.00
Luke Rohan Ridge $45.00
Mike Ryan Ridge $45.00
Luke Marthaler Lincolnshire $45.00
Mike Snyder White Eagle $45.00
Chuck Millington White Eagle $45.00
Dave Blair Idlewild $45.00
Joel Poortenga Prestwick $45.00
Tim Gowen Prestwick $45.00
Steve Schuit Idlewild $45.00
Bob Schoneau Idlewild $45.00
Chris Woodring White Eagle $45.00
Doug Anderson Olympia Fields $45.00
Jim Wilson Ridge $45.00
Dave Crawford Kankakee $45.00
Anthony Starcevich Lincolnshire $45.00
Tom Clifford Midlothian $45.00
Mike Danek White Eagle $45.00