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Rules Governing Play
  1. U.S.G.A. rules to govern play except where modified by local rules and special following rules.

  2. All play during the seasons will be at each contestantís handicap based on the C.D.G.A. system, as of each Clubís revision on Tuesday before the match.  It will be each team captainís duty to see that each member of his team is entered at this handicap at the first tee before the start of play.  The correctness of the handicap also will be his personal responsibility.

  3. In individual matches full handicap difference is to be used.  In best ball matches one-half (1/2) of the difference of partners combined handicap to apply.

  4. A total of 36 points is to be scored on the Nassau system for each team match; 3 for each of the 8 individual matches and 4 for each of the 4 best ball matches.  In case of ties each individual or best ball match scores one-half (1/2) points for each 9 or 18 holes so resulting.

  5. Team captains shall pair contestants so that least number of strokes shall be given.  The lowest handicap men play each other, next lowest, etc.

  6. In case of default, the odd partner is privileged to play his individual match and also his 2 opponentís best ball.  Handicaps of best ball match determined by (1/2) the difference double of the odd manís handicap and the total of his two opponents.  In case of complete team default 36 points to be scored.

  7. All dues-paying members 21 years of age with a handicap of 18 or less are eligible to play, limit 12 players (8 regular plus 4 alternates) representing any one club per given match.

  8. All disputes to be subject to final disposition by the majority vote of the 10 team captains (executive committee) and Secretary.  Eight captains and one officer minimum quorum.

  9. In addition to the maximum limit of players under Rule 7, all past presidents shall be allowed to play.  If past presidents play in their own separate foursome the day will be gratis per the league.

  10. Teams shall be divided into Two Divisions designated as the Red Division and Blue Division, and evaluated annually over prior 3-year record, with the (5) highest point makers in each Division being placed in the Red Division and the lower teams placed in the Blue Division.

  11. Final Matches shall have Four (4) teams, composed of the winner of each Division, and Two (2) wild cards to be selected from either of the Divisions, and having the greater number of points prior to the date of the Final Matches.  The wild card selections may be from one or both Divisions depending upon total points.

  12. Final Match players shall be limited to contestants who have participated during the current season in Three (3) or more of regular season matches, either as a regular or alternate player.

  13. That the Final South District Matches shall use the same format to determine the Champion, as followed in the Chicago District Inter League Matches.  That is, each of the division champions and the Wild Card Selection shall compete each against the other 3 Teams in the form of an individual Nassau Match; there being 8 contestants from each team competing for a total individual number of 9 points in each of the Matches.  The Contestants to be paired or placed in Foursomes in accord with rule Number 5.

  14. That in the case of a tie in determining the Wild Card Selections, selection shall be upon the result of said teamís head to head play in regular Season Match.

  15. That the position for Division determination shall be determined as of the end of the 9th Match, prior to the Final Matches being held.

  16. At the end of each year the executive Committee, consisting of the current yearís officers and the team captainís, shall nominate and shall subsequently elect, by a majority of those present and voting, the state of officers for the following year.  The established rotation of teams shall be followed in the election of the Secretary of the League.
  17. Handicap limitations are as follows:
       - 1st Team Ė Handicap of no more than 9
       - 2nd - 4th Team Ė Handicap of no more than 18
       - Any player exceeding these limits will play at the highest number listed for the team he is playing on. (Maximum Eighteen)

  18. Golf Genius will be used to keep score. We will continue to use paper score cards and at the end of the match you are responsible to go through all scores to make sure that the scores entered into Golf genius is correct. The Proís are going to take what Golf Genius gives them and enter it into the league website scoring system.