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Contact List
Briar Ridge Slope/Rating:  133/71.8  Par: 72  
Captain Don Torrenga
Captain's Cell 219-781-6185
Captain's Email
Assistant Mike Gozdecki
Assistant's Cell 219-712-0996
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 219 322-3660
Club Fax 219 865-4518
Club Pro Brett Niedzwiecki
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Cory Novak
Assistant Pro 2 Chad Myers
Chef Kurt Mittelberger
General Manager Dane Brummett
Superintendent Eric Cross
Idlewild Slope/Rating:  137/71.5  Par: 72  
Captain Nick Aleman
Captain's Cell 312-498-1692
Captain's Email
Assistant's Cell
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 3124981692
Club Fax 708 798-6664
Club Pro Joel Voss
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Mitch Young
Assistant Pro 2 Brendan Maloney
Chef Rick Jerding
General Manager Peter Corydon
Superintendent Kurt Sams
Innsbrook Slope/Rating:  134/71.3  Par: 72  
Captain JR Bardeson
Captain's Cell 219-743-2601
Captain's Email
Assistant Sherm zIsack
Assistant's Cell 219-7432520
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 219-980-9060
Club Fax
Club Pro Jim Formas
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1
Assistant Pro 2
Chef Marco Avorio
General Manager Kate Leto
Superintendent Chip Sanders
Kankakee Slope/Rating:  128/69.2  Par: 70  
Captain George Homer Ryan, Jr.
Captain's Cell 815-378-1654
Captain's Email
Assistant Dave Gibson
Assistant's Cell 815-671-1659
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 815-933-4738
Club Fax
Club Pro Kevin Fitzgerald
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Josh Turro 815-644-8304
Assistant Pro 2
Chef Stephen McCauley
General Manager Lisa Bauermeister
Superintendent Dave Drach
Lincolnshire Slope/Rating:  130/70.4  Par: 72  
Captain Brian Berg
Captain's Cell 708.372.3907
Captain's Email
Assistant Brian Gibbons
Assistant's Cell 708.306.7953
Assistant's Email,
Club Phone 708.672.5090
Club Fax 708.672.8226
Club Pro Steve Hosack
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Brad MacFarlane
Assistant Pro 2
Chef Vincent Alvarado
General Manager Steve Hosack
Superintendent Eric Gabelmann
Midlothian Slope/Rating:  132/72.3  Par: 71  
Captain Dan Jarka
Captain's Cell 708-514-4500
Captain's Email
Assistant David Doubek
Assistant's Cell 708-473-2200
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 708-371-2626
Club Fax 708 388-7013
Club Pro Brandon Adair
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Tyler Ochi
Assistant Pro 2 Thomas Rodriguez
Chef Michael Lannon
General Manager Tom Ahern
Superintendent Cory Von Tongeln
Olympia Fields Slope/Rating:  139/72  Par: 72  
Captain Bryan Willmer
Captain's Cell 708-417-8954
Captain's Email
Assistant John Finnin
Assistant's Cell 708-362-1575
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 708-283-7663
Club Fax 708-748-6752
Club Pro Doug Farrell
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Max Couch
Assistant Pro 2 Micah Voorhis
Chef John Beck
General Manager Adam Nickerson
Superintendent Sam MacKenzie
Prestwick Slope/Rating:  136/72.4  Par: 72  
Captain Tim Gowen
Captain's Cell 708-903-0858
Captain's Email
Assistant Joel Poortenga
Assistant's Cell 708-710-6315
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 815-469-5550
Club Fax 815 469-8482
Club Pro Marcus DeKeyser
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Codi Daudelin
Assistant Pro 2
Chef Aberdeen 6 (food and Beverage)
General Manager NA
Superintendent Tim White
Ridge Slope/Rating:  130/71  Par: 70  
Captain Cameron Goth
Captain's Cell 708-476-1496
Captain's Email
Assistant Michael Fons
Assistant's Cell 708-473-2214
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 773 238-9405
Club Fax 773 238-6934
Club Pro Rich Dukelow
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Jonathan Lipsey
Assistant Pro 2 Ryan Young
Chef Phil
General Manager Michael Krabbe
Superintendent Kris Kvelland
White Eagle Slope/Rating:  136/72.3  Par: 72  
Captain Chip Wagner
Captain's Cell 630-269-8258
Captain's Email
Assistant Adam Miller
Assistant's Cell 6307681298
Assistant's Email
Club Phone 630.983.6836
Club Fax 630.544.3529
Club Pro Tyler Keith
Pro's Email
Assistant Pro 1 Nick Fauerbauch
Assistant Pro 2 Joe Sterr
Chef Anthony Coriell
General Manager Curtis Malm, Director of Golf
Superintendent Jeff Cameron